Western National Meet, Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, CA: October 24, 2005

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Ninety-eight cars were shown at the fabulous Gold Rush themed Western National Meet in Sacramento, CA, September 21-25, 2005. We had 48 real cars and 50 model cars shown by members. Tom McCarthy as the model car show manager had more cars to field on his tabletops than Chief Judge John Talbordet had to field on real pavement! Both gentlemen did a great job.

The meet started Wednesday with Bill and Joanne Edwards greeting folks at our registration desk. The meet really got rolling in the evening with a great seafood reception attended by 90 members including Doug and Carol Mattix who flew in from Dallas. Bill McCoy tended bar very well by serving up everyone's favorite adult beverages. The evening continued at the LCOC hospitality suite that was well stocked and generously provided by Geoff Weiner of Lincoln Parts International.

Thursday's fun started with an historic tour of Sacramento which included the state capitol building where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has his office in addition to the old Governor's mansion occupied at one time by Nancy and Ronald Reagan. The tour also included a whistle stop at the California state railroad museum, the largest in the country. Jan and Den Fenske were part of the crowd that had a great time on the tour.

Thursday evening we set sail on our Sacramento Riverboat cruise which was sold out. This event provided the opportunity for everyone on board to mingle, enjoy delicious tri-tip steak with grilled vegetables in addition to adult beverages and great music while cruising the beautiful Sacramento river. Everyone including Ann and Tom Biss and Dennis Clark and Larry Hutchings enjoyed themselves whether they were in "steerage" or on the "promenade deck" or up on the "sky deck" as we crossed under draw bridges and cruised by parks and marinas.

Bright and early on Friday our adventurous group "headed for the hills" on the Sierra Gold Mine Tour which was enjoyed by all those wanting to stake out a claim.

Friday evening the notorious "Blue Canyon Gang" joined our Gold Rush Reception and auction which featured a covered wagon and "Best in the West" chili! Our gang really dressed up for this event and the 1800's gold rush costume contest hosted by our "Mistress of Ceremonies" Tina Boales was won by Karen and Pete Dahlquist with Betty and Bart Bawden and Georgette Poole and Cy Solon taking notable honors, too. All winners "spirited" home some gold rush moonshine. Karen Frazier was in full swing selling close to $500 in 50/50 raffle tickets which was won by that old prospector himself John Malta while Doug Mattix, Randy Mytar and Mike Cunningham managed to get thrown in jail by Sheriff Doug Boales. The 3 scalawags had to appear in the Wild West Gold Rush court before the presiding judge, the honorable Wil B. Bought, who levied fines of 50/50 raffle ticket purchases upon each of the accused.

All in all big fun for all, especially when Randy Mytar performed as auctioneer for all of the great merchandise donated by our members and generous suppliers like Geoff Weiner of Lincoln Parts International, Jack Rosen of Mark II Enterprises and Steve Ouelette of Baker Automotive.

Show day started at 7 AM with a terrific ranch style breakfast for the judges sponsored by Steve Ouelette of Baker Automotive. 48 cars were on the field by 10 AM in time for the judges to begin their duties. We also had two new Lincolns on display in front of the hotel courtesy of local dealer Winter Lincoln Mercury. These were a new Lincoln Mark LT truck and a beautiful silver LS.

The showfield was crowded with our cars in addition to lots of members like Don and Myrtle Pepper who look great and are doing just fine and also Hazel and Ed Lacey who were great coaches for the meet. We also had a lot of people from the general public come by because they had seen our press releases written by Jeremy Sanford. All show participants were treated to a delicious show field lunch hosted by our friends at The Ford Motor Company and attractively served by Tina Boales and the crew.

Our awards banquet Saturday night was a real Hollywood production based on the academy awards. "Spectacular" and "phenomenal" were heard often as we all entered the room decked out in our finery and walked down the red carpet past a wall hanging of the famous "Hollywood" sign to our tables that were decorated with revolving turntables and pictures of stars. We had old car and car product commercials running on big screens. We had Hollywood trivia to try and answer. It elevated our trophy presentations to a new and really entertaining level. In addition to all the show car award trophies (managed by Dennis Kay) that were presented with all the flair of the real academy awards, the Western Region local awards included the longest distance traveled in the car shown: Christy Barden from Boulder, Colorado; Longest distance transport of show car: Gordie Jensen, Bloomington, Minnesota; Most original unrestored car shown: Sherman Lovegren for his 1978 Mark V with 16 miles on it; and finally the hard luck award: Bruce and Helen Hutchinson whose transport trailer for their Lincoln jack knifed on the way to the meet, truly a dangerous situation. Tina and her team, including a donation by member Bill Green, produced and presented the most fabulous awards banquet that anyone could remember.

Sunday's meet finale was a delicious brunch coordinated by local member Steve Walker and a tour of the Towe Auto Museum in Sacramento which includes an old fashioned Wurlitzer pipe organ that our own member Warren Lubich played for all to enjoy. The meet was a great success thanks to Tina and Doug Boales and all of the hard working volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to the event. Thanks again to our generous sponsors: Baker Automotive, Mark II Enterprises, Lincoln Parts International, Lincoln Land, Lincoln Continental Parts & Repair and The Ford Motor Company.

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