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The car collector hobby is a labor of love and a chance to socialize with like-minded folks. The social aspect of club membership, as well as the tangible benefits of discounts and access to technical expertise are also important, and most of the time we have fun activities and events to share with our members and friends online. But now and then we have difficult news to report. This is one of those times.

Nancy and Norm Hoskins

Our LCOC Western Region treasurer Jan McNiel has informed us that former Western Region Director Norm Hoskins suffered a stroke on July 11, (his wife Nancy’s birthday—great timing).  He is recovering nicely, and expects to go home in early August.  The Hoskins recently moved to Idaho, but remain close to many Western Region members.  We send out good vibes to Norm and Nancy and hope some of you will do the same via this blog! To do so, send your thoughts to

Norm is famous for his “root-beer” colored Mark II, his custom vinyl-topped Mark VIII and his ’41 Continental Coupe, all of which were trophy winners, and have since gone to good homes.  He’s also the proud owner of a “Lipstick” Mark IV, and his currently working on a project that I’m sure he’d rather show us, than have me blow his cover and tell about it.

Sadly, on another note, long time LCOC Western Region member Chuck Shubb, passed away recently.  Chuck is survived by his wife Judy.  You can post your condolences to her at . Like several folks we know in the So Cal area, Chuck was in the movie car business and owned a very nice ’52 Lincoln Capri convertible, among many other vehicles. 

A 2013 article in the Albany Times Union newspaper that was picked up by the Associated Press highlights one of his cars, a 1948 Packard that was one of about 100 classics altogether used in the movie Gangster Squad depicting gangster Mickey Cohen in 1949 Los Angeles.

Chuck Shubb with his ’48 Packard movie vehicle.

Wishing Norm a speedy recovery, and keeping him in my thoughts. Looking forward to seeing his latest project. Get well soon Norm!! Jim Ayres.

My sincere condolences to Judy and the rest of the family. Jim Ayres

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