Director’s Message — Long Days, Warm NIghts and Summer Fun Lie Ahead for LCOC

As promised, it’s been a very active year so far! There’s been so much going on that I’ve found it hard to take time to write a Director’s Message.

We started this year’s activities in February with a fabulous trip to Las Vegas followed by our Kick-off Brunch with the Cadillac and LaSalle Club. In March Ford Motor Company invited us to “Lincolns and Lattes” at their Design Studio in Irvine and later in the month we toured two wonderful car collections in the desert. Fabulous Fords Forever was held in April and featured drag racing for the first time. In May we toured the Lyon Estate Car Collection with the Southern California Imperial Owners Inc. as well attending the SCIOI barbecue. The 37th annual Huntington Beach Concours took place in June where LCOC members Don Torrence, Elayne Bendel, Halsey Posadas, and Ron Anast all went home with awards. The LCOC Eastern National Meet was held that same weekend in Nashville.

There are many more activities planned for the rest of the year and I hope you will take the opportunity to attend some of them. Registration is now open for the LCOC Mid-America National Meet in Springfield, Ill, and the annual Lincoln Homecoming at Hickory Corners , MI. Our board members are currently working on special events with Lincoln dealers, a museum visit, a tour of the Mercedes Classic Car Center, our annual Wine Country Picnic, Big 4 car show and picnic and much more. Check out our Event Calendar for updates. Please let us know if there is something happening near you that you think would be fun for us to do together as a club. I’m hoping to do as much as possible in various areas of the Region so all club members will have a chance to attend something fairly close to them.

Remember that we no longer require yearly membership dues to be paid to the Region. In lieu of yearly dues we ask you to consider a voluntary donation to the club. This, along with merchandise sales and occasional activities fees, will insure that we have a healthy treasury to provide for ongoing costs.

All current LCOC National members residing within the Western Region (CA and NV) are automatically inducted into the Region. When you join or renew be sure to give Cornerstone your email address and allow us to send notifications when something new is added to the regional website.

Also, it will soon be time to hold Board elections. There will be three seats available for the next term so please think about running for a seat on the board. We’ll appoint a nominating committee soon so reach out to us if you’d like to be nominated as a board member.

It looks like summer has finally arrived weatherwise in the Region. We hope you enjoy all your activities, car shows, family fun and good times in the coming months.

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