Director’s Message Archive

Winter 2019 Director’s Message

Elayne Bendel has been doing a fantastic job writing and publishing most of the articles and pictures for this website. As I sit here trying to compose my Director’s Message, I realize that Elayne has already written practically everything I wanted to say in my...

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Fall 2018 Director’s Message

Thank you for visiting our website and for reading this message! Sometimes I feel as if my messages are not getting through to members or prospective members. Though we’ve had a lot of visits to the site, I haven’t gotten much feedback or many suggestions. We’ve spent...

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Director’s Message June 2018

This has been a difficult Director’s message to write, as it will be my last to appear in the Confab. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  And so the Confab, which has gone through many changes over the years, is coming to...

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