Membership in the Western Region of Lincoln and Continental Owner’s Club

The Western Region Board of Managers recently changed its policy regarding Membership in the Western Region of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club.  If you are a legacy member of the region and/or live within the regional boundaries in CA or NV you are automatically enrolled as a member of the Western Region. All that is necessary to maintain your regional membership is to keep your membership in the National LCOC current. Click here to renew your National Membership. Membership is open to all parties interested in Lincoln and Continental automobiles. Ownership of an automobile is not necessary to join LCOC.

You must be, or become a member of the national Lincoln and Continental Owners Club to join and remain in the Western Region. In lieu of the former annual regional dues of $35, once a year regional members will be asked for a voluntary donation of as little as $10 up to $30 to cover regional operating expenses.

 Click here to donate to the Western Region.

Membership Benefits

  • As a member of the National LCOC and the Western Region, you will have the opportunity to attend and participate in regional and national events, car shows, tours, and other meets and compete for LCOC awards.
  • You will receive the national bi-monthly magazine, the Continental Comments.
  • You will have the opportunity to place classified ads free of charge in the Continental Comments, on this website, or on the national LCOC website.
  • You will have access to the Members Only section of the National and Regional Websites.
  • You will have access to X-plan discounts to purchase new Lincolns.

Other Membership Services

Set Up Your National Membership

Click to download a PDF version of our membership registration form, mail the form with payment.