Gala Awards Banquet Caps LCOC Western National Meet

Jerry Seibert and Sue Sammons  won the Elliston H. Bell Founder’s Trophy for Best in Show with their 1987 Town Car.

Elliston H. Bell Founder’s Trophy for Best in Show, left front; Robert H. Davis Trophy, center front, Classes 229-232: and the Douglas W. Mattix Trophy for Class 309 on display at the Western National Meet awards banquet.

Happy, but exhausted LCOC members, family and friends dined in style at the grand finale awards banquet following days of action-packed adventures at the 2019 LCOC Western National Meet hosted by the Rocky Mountain Region in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Many left the July 14 banquet not only well-fed but smiling and toting some well earned hardware for their Lincolns and Continentals displayed at the meet’s centerpiece car show earlier in the day.

Numerous gorgeous trophies are at stake in the competition. Some are plaques, some are acrylic and the large ones are silver; striving for one is a most worthy activity.  Of course, only LCOC members are eligible to win one. 

Breaking the code of understanding for the various classes and trophies involved at an LCOC meet is something of a black art. Even experienced LCOC members do not fully comprehend the hierarchy and how the awards are determined. Fortunately, there is a magic decoder on LCOC’s national Website. Not all the possible trophies in the various classes are awarded at every meet, since some classes may not be represented on the show field. For example, if you are a fan of 1970s and newer vehicles this was your show. 

Elliston H. Bell Trophy winning 1987 Town Car.

Bruce Hutchinson’s 1988 Mark VII won the Robert H. Davis Trophy.

No one was more excited at Grand Junction than Jerry Seibert and Sue Sammons  who carried off the Elliston H. Bell Founder’s Trophy for their Best in Show Senior Lincoln 1987 Lincoln Town Car.

Another proud senior class winner was the LCOC Western Region’s own Bruce Hutchinson who won the Robert H. Davis Trophy for his beautiful 1988 Mark VII. This covers Class 229: 1980-1983 Continental Mark VI; Class 230: 1980 Lincoln Continental, 1981- 1989 Lincoln Town Coupe & Town Car; Class 231: 1982-1987 Lincoln Continental and Class 232: 1988-2002 Lincoln Continental.

The Douglas W. Mattix Trophy for Class 309 went to Paul and Deb Andahl for their 1999 Lincoln Town Car.

The Dr. Erwin C. Ruth  Trophy for Class 307 was awarded to Bill and Tessa Fletcher for their 1976 Mark IV. 

Three of the nine Lincoln Trophies awarded to outstanding Primary Division cars.

A portion of the show field for the 2019 LCOC Western National Meet.

Nine silver “ice bucket” Lincoln Trophies were awarded to winning Primary Division entries who are judged best across several primary classes.  The good news is that winners of these beautiful trophies get to take them home for keeps, but their wins vault them into the much tougher Senior Division for their next competitions. A new “Resto-Mod” category was created by the LCOC National Board of Directors in January and  Eli Darland was the first winner in this class with his 2006 Krystal Koach  limo.

Separate stories on the car show and driving tours related to the meet will be published in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Our thanks to Continental Comments Editor Jeff Shively for the list below of the owners and cars who received awards. Don’t miss the next issue of the magazine for John Walcek’s expert portraits of the cars, winners and their awards. 

Touring: Class 107 1973 MK IV Scott Crosby and Jeremy Davis;

               Resto-Mod, 2nd 1978 limo  Tony Carson and Ben Martinez; 1st 2006 Krystal Koach Eli Darland.


            Class 206 1st 1941 Lincoln Club Coupe John and Toni Walker  #6725

            Class 215 1st 1956 Mark II Jacob Dout #6726

            Class 216 1st 1959 Lincoln Capri Dave and Cindy Rose #6727

           Class 219   1st 1965 Continental convertible Peter Daniluk #6728

                               1st 1965 Continental convertible Phillip Stowe # 6729 (turquoise shirt)

          Class 225 1st  1978 Continental Town Coupe Ryan McGuire #6730 (solo in black shirt)

          Class 227 1st 1977 Mark V George Malesich  #6731;    1st  1978 Mark V Ryan and Hayden  McGuire  #6732, 6733

          Class 229 1st 1981 Mark VI Jeff Brecht #6734, 6735

          Class 230 1st 1987 Town Car Sail America Walahn and Bonnie Kilgore  #6736, 6737

          Class 233  1st 1987 Mark VII John Libby (NO PIC)

          Class 237 1st 2006 LS Sport Jim Chantler #6738

          Class 251 1st 2002 Blackwood John Boccardo and David Boccardo #6739


          Class 307 1st 1976 Mark V Bill  and Tessa Fletcher #6740

          Class 308 1st 1987 Town Car Jerry Seibert and Sue Sammons #6741

                  1st 1988 Mark VII Bruce Hutchinson #6742

Class 309 1st 1999 Town Car Cartier Paul and Deb Andahl #6743

            1st 2001 Town Car Executive Michael and Diana Vickery  Tristan Hale and Trevor Hale #6744

            1st 2003 Town Car Cartier Craig Moir (NO PICTURE)

Lincoln Trophies

             Class 205, 206, 207 1941 Zephyr coupe John and Toni Walker  #6745

             Class 216 1959 Capri  Dave  and Cindy Rose #6746

             Class 215 1956 Mark II Jake Dout #6747, 6748 

             Class 217, 219, 221 1965 Continental convertible Phillip Stowe #6749

             Class 226, 227 1977 Mark V George Malesich #6750

             Class 224, 225, 228 1978 Town Coupe Ryan and Hayden McGuire #6751, 6752

            Class 229, 232, 233, 235 1981 Mark VI Jeff Brecht #6753

            Class 230, 231 1987 Town Car Sail America Walahn  and Bonnie Kilgore  #6754

            Class 237, 240, 251 2002 Blackwood John Boccardo  and David Boccardo  #6755

Acrylic Awards

            Original Award 1962 Continental sedan Lynn Thompson #6756

            Touring 1973 Mark IV Scott Crosby and Jeremy David  #6757

             Resto-Mod 2006 Krystal Koach Eli Darland #6758

Perpetual Trophies

             Dr. Erwin C. Ruth 307 1976 Mark IV Bill and Tessa Fletcher  #6759

             Robert H. Davis 308 1988 Mark VII Bruce Hutchison #6760

             Douglas W. Mattix 309 1999 Town Car Paul and Deb Andahl #6761

             Elliston H. Bell Founder’s Trophy 1987 Town Car Jerry Seibert and Sue Sammons #6764-6767

Emeritus Awards

            Class 501 1993 Mark VIII Jeff Stevens 

            Class 502 2001 Town Car Janice Eby )

            Class 504 1992 Town Car Robert and Carolyn Parker 

People’ Choice

           Regional – 1941 Zephyr John and Toni Walker

           St. Jude  – 1965 Continental Phillip Stowe



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