LCOC Western Region Election Period Extended Until Oct. 8; Vote Today

Voting to fill three positions on the LCOC Western Region Board of Managers has been extended until Oct. 8 due to a glitch earlier this month that had the Western Region Website and contact email down for a week.The issue has been addressed and we are up and running once again.

The voting process is simple. We have 5 candidates running for the 3 open positions on our board. Their information is summarized below.

To vote, just select the names of three of the candidates and send them and your LCOC National membership number to

Hi, I’m Rich Hall and am interested in a position for one of the upcoming vacancies on the LCOC Western Region Board.

My first memory of infatuation with Lincolns began when I was in fourth grade. We lived in Southern California at the time and my grandfather was visiting from Virginia. We went to see a friend of his living in Palm Springs. We were treated to a tour of Palm Springs in two new, identical Lincoln Continental convertibles he owned. The impression of the coolness of those cars sticks with me today.

When I was able about 15 years ago to get one, I found a 1963 here in Las Vegas. The car is original to Las Vegas so it was in relatively good shape aside from the fact it sat outside here in the desert for 16 years. I since have acquired a 1956 Continental Mark II, a new 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition, and just last Saturday bought a 1947 Lincoln Continental convertible.

I am interested in the board position to help promote the Lincoln community, especially here in Las Vegas and to assist in activities for the club. I was fortunate to have joined the group for the gathering here last January and also in Lakewood for the joint Lincoln and Cadillac meet. It was great to meet all the members with similar Lincoln interests and to enjoy the company and fun.  I appreciate the opportunity for consideration.

Hello, I am Bazil LaRoche and have been an active member of the LCOC and our Western Region for several years now.

I have truly enjoyed my time serving on the board and would like the opportunity to continue serving our club. My partner and I are certainly Lincoln and Continental aficionados, as we have a 1956 Continental Mark II, a 1967 Continental, a 2000 LS, a 2005 Aviator, and a 2014 MKZ. I am a licensed CPA and deal with accounting and finance as part of my daily life and would love the opportunity to continue serving as treasurer on the board. 

My name is Halsey Posadas. I live in La Mesa, CA. 

I have been a member of LCOC since 2014 and a board member with the LCOC Western Region since 2019. I own a 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV which I inherited back in 2014 from my father.  My vehicle was originally purchased new in September 1971, in National City, CA and I was with them during the purchase.  This vehicle has been in two LCOC National Events and other car events for display.

I have worked for the federal government service for over 25 years attached with the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego as an IT Specialist.  I have served with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard.  I was on special assignment with the U.S. Army for a short time. 

It has been my honor and privilege to be with the LCOC family.  I have truly learned so much from members and friends that have been with this organization.

I am Jeremy Sanford and I am running for reelection to the LCOC Western Region Board of Directors.

I have been a member of the LCOC Western Region since 2001. I have held various offices in the club including Secretary, Membership Secretary, NorCal Events Coordinator and Assistant Director. I would be honored to serve another term on the Board.

I’m Tom Williams of Sherman Oaks, CA, a FOMOCO lover since touring the Dearborn plant in 1979!

I purchased my 1965 black over Palomino Continental convertible in 1997 and began restoring her— first getting her back on the road, then making her look pretty, and for the past 15+ years I’ve focused on restoring her to factory spec using my LCOC-provided authenticity manual and the vast wealth of LCOC community knowledge. As an owner/restorer for the past 26 years, I can’t imagine ever letting her go. Like many of you, I have too much blood, sweat and mostly tears invested at this point, but no regrets.

After more than 15 years in LCOC I am running for a Western Region Board of Managers position. If elected I would like to see and be a part of the following initiatives: 

  1. Attracting younger individuals to join the Lincoln family in part by promoting ownership of the unique, but still affordable ‘70s Lincoln models to raise our brand profile.
  2. Consolidating all official written FOMOCO (within reason) manuals, schematics, how to’s, etc. on the LCOC website with access given only to members.
  3. Establishing committees in each major market of our region (and eventually nationwide) to organize small groups of members to attend as many local shows, events, cars & coffee, etc. to promote LCOC and the Lincoln brand with organized presence on a regular schedule.
  4. Organizing a campaign to catalog dormant vintage Lincolns waiting for their chance at new life and determining a way to make them available to interested owners.
  5. Bringing the community to life with a podcast so all generations can share their experiences, expertise, horror stories, etc. on a virtual Continental Comments. Guests could extend to the Lincoln Motor Car family and anyone with a legitimate and interesting position to share. 
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