LCOC Western Region Elections are Underway During September – Watch for Your Ballot!

Elections are taking place this month to fill three 3-year terms on the LCOC Western Region Board of Managers that run from Jan 1, 2020 through Dec 31, 2022.  If you are a member of the region expect to receive your ballot soon either by US Mail or by email. Then please vote by Sept 27. Both versions contain instructions on how to complete the voting process. Three incumbent candidates are running for re-election to the board and you will also have an option to substitute a write-in candidate, who must be a member of the region. 

The three incumbents are all veteran LCOC Western Region  board members.  They are:

Jim Ayres: Jim is a lifetime member of the  Lincoln Motor Car Foundation and future trustee as of Jan 1, 2020; LCOC and LZOC member; LCOC Western Region Board member and Southern California Activities Director for eight years; currently serving as the Director of the LCOC Western Region. Jim is the owner of three Lincolns—-a 1964 Continental convertible, a 1988 Mark VII and a 2015 MKZ.  He has been an ardent advocate for the Lincoln brand and of our club at both the national and regional levels. 

He has represented LCOC on numerous event planning committees and councils and was the co-chair of the very successful 2015 LCOC Western National Meet held in San Diego.



Stacy Roscoe: Stacy is running for re-election to the LCOC Western Region Board of Managers.  As a member of LCOC and LCOC Western Region since 2002, Stacy joined the board in 2010, and served as Board Secretary, Regional News Correspondent for Comments, Director of the Board of Managers, and Website Development Manager. Stacy and his wife Kerry were part of the management team for the club’s very successful 2015 Western National Meet.  He has served two terms on the LCOC National Board and managed the development of the new LCOC National website.

Stacy and his wife Kerry are the proud owners of a 1958 Continental Convertible that took 5 years to restore with the help and encouragement of many wonderful LCOC members.


Ron CressyRon has been an active member of LCOC since his first National Meet in Phoenix where he and his brother won a first place trophy in the Touring/Original Class with their newly acquired 1988 Town Car. Soon after, Ron became a member of the Western Region board, and partnered with Jim Ayers in chairing the 2015 Western National Meet in San Diego. Ron is currently involved in planning for the upcoming 2021 Western National Meet in Palm Springs. The fleet of 23 Lincolns Ron and his partner own represents all decades, from their 1947 Continental Coupe to a 2016 MKZ Hybrid.   


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