Lincolns of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Dazzled at Ford’s Special Lincolns & Lattes Event

A cavalcade of Lincolns from the 1920s through late models occupied center stage at a special drive-in Lincolns and Lattes event held March 11 at the Lincoln Design Center, Irvine. Over 20 of the best vintage Lincolns from throughout the southern California area were slated to appear. A threat of rain or actual sprinkles kept some owners and cars at home, but the majority trundled in during the early morning. LCOC members from as far away as Palm Springs, San Diego and the San Fernando Valley brought their classics for friends and spectators to enjoy.

This special invitation-only meetup was the first of its kind since 2019. For Lincoln lovers and car buffs of all stripes it was truly a field of dreams. It featured some 300 beauties owned mostly by car club members within driving distance. Ford-built vehicles were most prominent, but other American, British, German, Italian and some one-of-a-kind cars were also part of the fun.

Lincoln’s social media team was on hand to photograph and interview some LCOC members with their cars. LCOC photographer John Walcek and LCOC member Terry Cottrell also documented the day’s events for the Lincoln & Continental Comments magazine. Bryan Benedict, Hot Wheels chief Designer, left below, joined with KABC’s auto reporter Dave Kunz, among the many car world notables at the event.

In an exclusive limited-access Salon parking area were three spectacular Lincoln concept cars, Lincoln’s new 2024 Corsair SUV, the rest of the company’s current vehicle line-up, Ford GTs, Ferraris, some special interest cars, Pebble Beach Concours show cars, racers and three Lincolns of great historical interest.

The Star Concept SUV, the blue L-100 and the stunning black and gold Lincoln & ArtCenter Concept were particular crowd pleasers.

The three historical Lincolns included a 1947 Continental Cabriolet, once owned by Henry Ford II and now part of the Lyon Estate Collection; a one-of-a-kind 1956 Mark II Derham-modified custom convertible veteran of the show circuit formerly owned by Martha Firestone Ford, and one of President Lyndon Johnson’s favorites, his 1964 Continental convertible.

Two gorgeous Pebble Beach Lincoln grand dames included Max Neary’s 1926 Model L, left, and Randy Ema’s 1930 five-passenger sedan.

Dan Gurney’s Olsonite Eagle, bottom, was one of two pure racers on view.

A beautiful Bugatti gleamed among the Ford GTs, super cars and racers, while some Ferraris stood close by their Ford counterparts in Irvine’s own version of Ford vs. Ferrari.

A Lincoln Zephyr sedan, below, offered only for the Asian market at present, gave spectators a glance into what may lie ahead as new electric Lincolns are introduced here over the next several years.

Scattered across the field were Cobras, beautiful and authentic right-hand-drive British cars including a vintage red Jaguar, a number of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. Mercedes and BMWs were displayed including a 1930s-era blue and cream roadster, left, which has been shown at the Huntington Beach Concours.

A rare blue Dual-Ghia made it to Irvine along with some vintage Packards, an amazing brass-car-era Hartford, some Maseratis and Alpha Romeos, a white Bentley roadster and a sporty green and gold Caterham 16-valve Super 7.

Mother Nature did her part by keeping both cars and spectators dry throughput the event so those who attended enjoyed a spectacular day of automotive fun. What better way to start off a weekend than with a Saturday morning of Lincolns and Lattes? Our thanks to John Clinard and his Ford teammates and the numerous area car clubs for making this landmark event possible.

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