Perfection is the Word for Kip Cyprus’ Collection

Tucked away in an industrial area of Huntington Beach, CA is one of the best  private car, motorcycle and memorabilia collections in Southern California. About 20 members of LCOC and the Thunderbirds of Southern California were lucky enough to view and admire it on a recent Saturday morning.  Kip  moved the whole collection into new digs not long ago and it was well worth the wait to see the collection’s new look.  Unfortunately Kip himself was off at a car show and not able to conduct our tour personally.  Even so, there was plenty to see. 

The motto ‘everything in its place’ was never more true than for this amazing collection of automotive and 20th century artifacts that included everything from a full-fledged Dog and Suds bar to a tool box on wheels that would be the envy of any professional racing team.  Rare and valuable motorcycles on racks formed a wall of wheeled art.

Dozens of cars ranging from Porsches to a 1957 Chevy convertible, 1960 Cadillac Eldorado, a mid-’50s Pontiac Fuel Injected convertible, 1961 Lincoln convertible  and many others were displayed on the floor and in racks along the walls.  Lots of glowing neon signs added to the ambiance and a super collection of antique gas pumps brought back memories of 20-cent gasoline. There was even a vintage red Porsche diesel tractor on display that looked like it had never set wheels on a farm!

In fact, the polished concrete floors were just one of the gleaming aspects of the collection. One visitor remarked in amazement, “these are all 100-point cars!” The dust-free condition of the vehicles was a source of marvel for all the visitors. One wonders how they are able to be maintained in this perfect condition. Perhaps the secret is special filtration in he A/C system? Or maybe it’s just elbow grease on the part of the staff?

In a Cinco de Mayo preview the group adjourned to nearby Don Ramon’s restaurant after the tour for a festive Mexican lunch.  What a great day!

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