Director’s Message June 2018

This has been a difficult Director’s message to write, as it will be my last to appear in the Confab. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  And so the Confab, which has gone through many changes over the years, is coming to an end. This issue will be the last one. We’re grateful to Tim Howley for his many years of service to the club; editing and publishing the Confab as well as the Lincoln and Continental Comments.  I don’t think there’s anyone in the club who has devoted more of their time and energy to the club than Tim! We wish him all the best, and look forward to having him contribute some of his vast knowledge to the website from time to time.
All the information, news and events that appeared in the Confab will now be found on our wonderful new website, I hope that you will visit the site often, as there will be something new for you to enjoy almost every week. The site will be constantly evolving and improving and we look forward to input from you, the member, on how we can better serve all the current and future members. To be successful, the website needs material from you. You have the expertise and the knowledge and you know what you want to see on your website. We need members to contribute articles covering the various types and years of Lincolns and Continentals represented by our club. If you have a shop or mechanic in your area that you can recommend, we’d like to hear from you. Although activities are a vital part of our club, I feel that the website and our love of Lincolns, old and new,  will be the bond that keeps us all together. For those of you who have no internet service, we will find a way to keep you informed. And of course you can always call me or any of the other Board Members if you just want to chat.
In my last message I asked for you to let me know your thoughts regarding the re-introduction of a membership directory. I only received four responses; one for and three against. I’ve forwarded that information on to National. In the future we’ll be able to have polls on our website, so it will be much easier for you to respond to questions anonymously.
We’ve had some good events so far this year, and there are more to come. For those of you in the North, Steve Walker is organizing  a group for the California State Fair Auto Show on July 27th.  In the South, the LZOC has invited us to join them on a tour of the Lyon Air Museum and the Crevier Collection on August  26th. Of course our big event of the year will be the Western National Meet in Albuquerque in October. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so soon. October will be here before you know it! Check the calendar of events for more information. 
Lastly, we will be holding elections to the Board of Managers later this year. There will be more information on this in forthcoming messages on the website.
Jim Ayres
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