Big 4 Picnic Featured Cars, Fun, Showers and Surprises

The old phrase “All’s Well that Ends Well” was never more apt than at Sunday’s Big 4 American Luxury Car Show and Picnic held at beautiful Mason Regional Park in Irvine.

More than 50 intrepid participants left home under threat of rain to attend and, indeed, we did experience several showers and one brief downpour at our event. But our park shelter and Matt Means’ EZ Up kept us dry and smiling until the rain stopped and the clouds parted. Ultimately, we ended up with our usual California sunshine and plenty of stories to share.

The picnic management rotates among the sponsoring clubs. This year Lincoln and Continental Owners Club (LCOC) was the lead organization assisted by the Southern California Cadillac & LaSalle Club, the Earle C. Anthony Packard Club, Packards International, and the Southern California Imperial Owners, Inc. The event’s theme is a showcase of American luxury vehicles.

A kaleidoscope of mid-century pastel-painted Lincoln, Imperial, Cadillac and Packard classics made pre-lunch tire kicking a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Nearly 30 vehicles trundled in from throughout our region.

Long-distance commuting honors were won by Rich Hall, who drove his rare 2020 coach door Continental all the way from Las Vegas. Others came from other faraway spots such as San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, San Diego and of course, Orange County.

This year attendees got to vote for one vehicle to receive a special People’s Choice Award in honor of LCOC member JIm Powers, who was a designer for both Ford and Lincoln, loved great design in all forms, and was a fixture at the Big 4 event in prior years. The winner was a 1956 Lincoln Premiere recently purchased by Jeff Frank.

As usual, the potluck picnic was a huge success with salads. appetizers, main dishes, drinks and desserts generously provided by the attendees for the enjoyment of all.

Such goodies as mixed fruit, broccoli, potato and macaroni salads and other secret recipe treats started things off. Meat pies, fried and baked chicken , party meatballs and home made enchiladas were among the main courses. And few could resist sampling more than one dessert from among the blueberry, chocolate cream and other pies, yummy cakes and brownies.

Unfortunately, a cooler and camp chair were left behind but were safely stored until the owners claim them. Hopefully owners and their items will be reunited soon.

Our sincere thanks to all our attendees and to JIm Ayres for some of the photos shown here.

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