Classics, Customs and Contemporary Cars Shine at Fabulous Fords Forever Event

If you are an admirer of Ford products there was something for everyone at the 32nd annual Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knott’s Berry Farm April 15th.

Presented by the Ford Car Club Council and the Ford Motor Company, the show celebrates all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, from 1903 to the current models. This event is the largest gathering of Ford products on the West Coast. Sunday’s show featured nearly 2000 vehicles. There were the popular Mustangs, Fords of all eras, Lincolns, Thunderbirds, vans, exotic competition race cars, sleek Panteras, venerable Edsels and more.

LCOC members Jim Ayres and Baron Night staffed our booth, greeting visitors and promoting the club to all. Jim also served on the show planning committee and made the ultimate sacrifice on a Sunday, waking at 4 a.m. to assist in parking and organizing the very large show field. He even found time to get his own beautiful Regal Turquoise ’64 convertible ready for display at Knotts..    

Frequent FFF participant David Sterling attended with his yellow and white 1974 Mark IV coupe nicknamed Mustard and Mayo. Driving down from North Hollywood was Bruce Barker and his striking blue 1958 Continental convertible.  Both cars were crowd pleasers and the owners cheerfully answered questions about their vehicles. Both expressed interest in LCOC so it is possible they will bring these cars to one of our club events soon.

Matt and Cheryl Harris motored in with their 1965 Continental convertible and rejoined LCOC. Lincoln Row also featured some Mark VIIs, Mark VIIIs and a rarely seen Lincoln MKZ hybrid. 

Tony Leal’s customized 1964 Lincoln convertible was a show highlight. (see separate story.) This car adds a 21st century vibe to a classic slab side Lincoln design. 

Comfortable temperatures and free general admission for spectators ensured a very large turnout of visitors who doubtless gained a new appreciation for the varied products of one of America’s top car makers.

To view more photos click here.

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