Dozens of Lincolns Converge for 2018 Slabfest

Dozens of 1961 through 1969 Lincoln sedan and convertible owners converged on Yorba Regional Park in Anaheim June 16 for the annual California Slabfest sponsored by the SoCal chapter of the Suicide Kings. LCOC members Jim Ayres and Elayne Bendel  and friend Mike Sousa also were on hand with their 1964 Continental convertibles.  June gloom weather failed to dampen enthusiasm of the many families and friends who gathered for the event. Customized Lincolns with large wheels, neon headlights, modified grilles and one-of-a-kind interiors sat side-by-side with stock versions of the iconic vehicles. A couple of old Cadillacs and even a new (but future collectible) Continental crashed the party and a good time was had by all. Cars began arriving early in the morning and by 11:15 a.m. nearly 60 Lincolns lined both sides of the parking area. 

Recorded music, taco platters and hot wings added to the festivities.The local Slabfest is one of many held nationally at the same time. The idea is to celebrate the preservation of Lincolns from the Elwood Engel 1960s era famed for their center-opening doors and flat (slab) sides. A new generation of owners with young families has discovered these cars. In true entrepreneurial fashion many of them have taken the basic look and added personal touches to make these vehicles their own.  Some even have replaced the running gear, enabling them to still maintain the look of the classic Lincolns but ride in air-conditioned comfort and make 30 mpg.

One visitor, Christian Paul of Arizona, even developed a metal-reinforced reproduction trunk lid that he is offering for sale.  Frustrated with his inability to find suitable used Lincoln lids for his restoration business, Christian literally took matters into his own hands and created a mold from the original, which has the same look, feel and fit but will never rust due to its non-metallic construction. A photo of it is included in our gallery on this page, Christian may be part of a new wave of entrepreneurs who reproduce key body parts to keep our old classics on the road as the originals fade into history. We wish him well and say our prayers for more like him! 

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