Eclectic Mix of Collector Cars Converged on Automobile Driving Museum for Meet-up Event

The Automobile Driving Museum, El Segundo, CA. hosted one of the first big car events of 2021 Saturday and LCOC members and their friends from the Early Birds of Southern California, a Thunderbird club, were there for the fun. Everything from a classic 1940 Cadillac limo that would have made George Raft proud, to a Shelby American Series 1 supercar, Ford hot rods, Chevy customs, 1950s Tbirds, LCOC Lincolns, Buick Grand Nationals and many more were on display.

Eager owners began arriving shortly before 8 a.m. and the show continued to grow throughout the morning and early afternoon. A TV news crew from KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles covered the event live and the U.S. 99 Band provided appropriate mid-century rock entertainment after leading off with—what else?–Hot Rod Lincoln! A catering truck featuring gourmet coffees was a popular feature. Sadly, no food trucks were present, but visitors hardly noticed with so much to see.

Our own Paul Ginsburg, who belongs to LCOC and the Early Birds organized our participation. Paul owns both Lincoln and T’Bird vehicles, but his car of choice for Saturday’s event was a 1964 Ford Galaxy. The Ford had previously been configured as a racing machine and this event was billed primarily as a Muscle Car show, but all special interest vehicles were welcome and many showed up.

A pair of South Orange County owners trundled up the 405 Freeway with their 1965 Factory Five Cobra kit cars and gave a young fan named Liam a thrill by putting him behind the wheel of one of them.

Two more young car buffs experienced Lincoln luxury in Jim Ayres’ ’64 Convertible.

See below for more event photos. A good time was had by all!

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