Fall 2018 Director’s Message

Thank you for visiting our website and for reading this message! Sometimes I feel as if my messages are not getting through to members or prospective members. Though we’ve had a lot of visits to the site, I haven’t gotten much feedback or many suggestions. We’ve spent a lot of time and money on the website to make it useful, fun, and informative for our members and guests, so to keep current on all the upcoming event and information, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our site. That will keep you in the know with what’s going on with YOUR club. I also want you to feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, suggestions or concerns that you may have. I might not be able to answer all questions, or address all concerns, but I’ll do my best. 

This club exists for you, the member, not just for me or the board of directors. It’s very hard for us to plan events that are close to all our members. That’s why I always ask for suggestions about what you’d like to do as a club. If there never seems to be a club event near you, please reach out and invite members that may be in your area to a get together. We’ve had a lot of great events this year, and I hope in the coming months and years we can have more that are close enough to all our members so that they can participate. I realize that it’s not easy to drive any distance in an old car, especially on California freeways and roads, but you aren’t required to bring your classic Lincoln to every event. Your newer Lincoln, or other make, will always be welcome. The important thing is that all our members participate in some way.

Bringing events and get-togethers closer to club members has long been a challenge; but now we may have a solution. I was contacted a short while ago by the organizers of Ford Performance Club Connect. Here is some of what they had to say:   

“ Ford Performance has launched an exciting new program called “Club Connect” that will help all Ford, Mustang, [and Lincoln]  clubs and enthusiasts get connected and communicate with each other.What’s more, Ford is giving away a 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost to help get everyone involved.

First, every Mustang , Ford, or Lincoln vehicle club, online forum or Facebook group is urged to register on the official Ford enthusiast map-it’s simple and it’s FREE! Just go to www.FordPerformanceClubConnect, and scroll down to where it says “Register Your Club”. While you’re there, enter to win a brand new 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost of your choosing, delivered to the dealer of your choice! No raffle tickets to buy, lottery numbers to pick, no cost to enter, no need to be present to win—you don’t have to register a club or even be a member of an enthusiast group yourself to submit an entry.

Once everyone in the Ford club and enthusiast world is registered—not just Mustang clubs, but ALL Ford vehicle organizations and Facebook groups that you may not even know about—then you will have a free resource that gives you a direct link to all other clubs and groups in the country so that you can interact or invite them to join you at a show or event.”

After conferring with the other board members and board members of National, it was decided that we should register the club, which I did. This should give us an opportunity to bring events within reach of all members, while providing us with some nice variety at the same time. We will also be doing more events with clubs other than Ford or Lincoln clubs such as we did with the Southern California Imperial Owners Club and Cadillac-LaSalle Club a short while ago.

Once again, please SUBSCRIBE to this site to stay current with all the latest news and information! 

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