Fall Director’s Message–Annual Meeting, 2020-21 Events, New Board Members, Lincoln Foundation, Top the News

We’ve had a lot of great events this last summer, and there are still a lot more happening before the year is over. On October 19 we’ll be having our 2019 LCOC Western Region Annual Meeting in Cathedral City at the Desert Princess Resort, coinciding with the Casual Concours, a wonderful car show to be held onsite as part of the Palm Springs Fall Modernism Week.  At our meeting we’ll be discussing plans for next year as well as our 2021 LCOC Western National Meet to be held May 5-9 at the Desert Princess Resort. A lot of work has already gone into the planning for this major event and it looks like it will be another great one!

Many of us attended the Western National Meet in Grand Junction, Colorado, and the Eastern National Meet in New York earlier this year. These were both fabulous events and will be hard to top, but we think we’re up to the task! In order to achieve that goal, however, we’re going to need a number of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help out with the 2021 meet should plan to attend the Oct 19 meeting or contact me via phone or e-mail. .

As I’ve said many times before, this club is your club. It will thrive with your enthusiastic participation but cease to exist without the support of the current members and recruitment of new members. It’s been a real challenge for me as Director and Activities Director to motivate people to get out to some of our events and also to host events in their part of the region.

I’m encouraged, though, by the fact that we’ve recently added some new members to the region; two in particular want to jump right in and help out with running the club–Halsey Posadas and Bazil LaRoche.  Halsey has agreed to fill the last year of Jim Higgs’ 3-year term on the board. Jim and Carol Higgs have been tremendous supporters of LCOC and our region. We much appreciate the time Jim has given to our club, and, although he is leaving the board, we look forward to his continued contribution “behind the scenes”.

We’ve been searching for some time for a savvy and energetic social media volunteer focal and we are very pleased to welcome Bazil into LCOC,  He owns multiple Lincolns (and has an antique Packard too). Bazil has volunteered to help with the club’s social media, and has already gotten an Instagram account established for the Western Region adding  to our regional  Facebook account. We have a goal to increase membership and participation of owners and enthusiasts of newer Lincolns and we think these accounts are a link to reaching those potential club members.

Lastly, I will become a trustee of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation beginning January 1, 2020. It’s my hope that every Western Region member will join me in supporting the foundation if you aren’t already doing so. Please visit the foundation’s website, to discover the many different ways in which you can contribute to “sustaining and improving a museum where we may share with the public the history of the Lincoln brand.”


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