Friday, July 26th is LCOC Day at the California State Fair – Register Your Car Now for Free!

One of California’s best events is coming up and we’ere invited! The LCOC will be at the 2019 California State Fair on Friday, July 26th and now is the time to register. Please RSVP ASAP to Steve Walker,, so he can let the Fair know how many of us are coming. 

The event is open to all pre-1975 cars. It’s a totally free event for us and we can bring as many people as we can fit in our cars. The fairgrounds are located at 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento CA 95815. You and your guests will have free in and out privileges and you can even get free parking for a modern car but your Lincoln has to stay until 7 p.m. or the end of the last race.  Yes, the horses will be racing.

We meet in the morning at 8:30 at The Century Theaters across Ethan Way from the fair and all go in together. We can bring our own food and drinks or purchase them there. We show our cars in a roped off area near the race track. The fair provides us with a nice big shade tent. Bring your own chairs and ice chest.

Also at the fair that day will be the Cougar, Early Ford V8, Metropolitan and Corvair Clubs, plus some others.This is a lot of fun and the price is right. 

Besides the car displays there are numerous special events and programs at the fair July 26 including chocolate and honey sampling (yum!) Senior Savings Day throughout the fair, a kid’s rodeo, cooking demonstrations and many other attractions. For a complete event schedule click here 



You can roam the fair and see all the exhibits and shows or hang out by the cars in our own private tent. It’s really nice to have a place at the fair to take a break with your friends. No worries if it turns out to be a hot day as every building at the fair is air conditioned.

Hi ho come to the fair!


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