Hot Cars on a Cool Day Highlight Big 4 American Luxury Car Event

Great cars and good fun highlighted our Big 4 American Luxury Car Event held Sept. 26 at Laguna Niguel Park after a 2-year absence due to Covid-19 restrictions. But the casual car show and picnic this year made up for the long hiatus. For 2021 the primary sponsor was the Cadillac and LaSalle Club assisted by LCOC, the Southern California Imperial Owners Inc., and local Packard owners clubs. Socializing was the top activity without the pressure of a judged car show.

Cars displayed ranged from a gorgeous 1934 Packard (see below) to a 2019 Lincoln MKZ, with mid-and late-20th century cars predominating. Participants came from Southern California locations as near as a few miles to as far away as Ridgecrest, Yucca Valley, San Pedro, Riverside, Alhambra, Rancho Mirage and numerous points in between.

Covid precautions forced a format change with participants bringing their own lunches in lieu of the usual pot luck buffet with cold drinks provided, but no one seemed to mind. Instead, old friends happily greeted car owners from near and far and mingled with participants from the other clubs.

The common bond of keeping our rolling bits of history on the road and looking gorgeous unites us in our collector hobby much more than the nameplate differences. A gloomy early morning may have affected attendance a bit, but by mid-afternoon the sun made a brief appearance, smiling on everyone who made the trek.

Several LCOC members exercised their mix-and-match choices arriving in brands other than Lincolns. It was enjoyable to see our members’ old favorites as well as their Packards and Cadillacs. We can’t wait for next year’s Big 4 event to share the familiar as well as whatever is new.

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