January 2018 – Director’s Message

First off, I’d like to welcome our new board members, Arv Larson and Jim Higgs, and thank them for stepping forward to fill the empty seats on the board. I also want to thank Tom McCarthy for his many years of service to the club, who unfortunately had to step down due to health issues. We wish Tom the best!

We had a lot of great events last year, and we can look forward to many more this year. The first event of the year, the annual SCIOC BBQ in Palm Springs, was a lot of fun. This event is becoming a tradition, and I’m going to call it our “Pre-Kickoff Event”. Many thanks to Marc Hampton and the Southern California Imperial Owners Club for hosting this wonderful event.

Our Kickoff Event on February 10th is fast approaching. If you haven’t already mailed in your registration, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. You won’t want to miss this one! A registration form and info is included elsewhere in this issue. Thank you Carol Reniger, Kerry Roscoe and Jan McNiel for organizing this event!

Another must do event is the Classic Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 2-4. Our club will have a booth there for the first time. We have 10 members who will have their cars on display for all three days of the show. Their participation is much appreciated! If you’d like to have your car on display next year, or would like to be on the stand-by list for this year, please let me know. I could also use some help staffing the booth for a short time on any of the three days. Volunteers will get free entry to the show. (An $18 value).

Lincoln is the featured marque at this year’s La Jolla Concours. If you’d like to show your car, or simply attend as a spectator please contact me for more informa- tion or visit https://www.lajollaconcours.com/. A few of us have already entered our cars, but there’s plenty of room for more. The entry fee to show your car is a little steep, but keep in mind that it includes a reception with food and drink on Saturday night, and access to the VIP tent for food and drink all day on Sunday for two. Some of us will be staying at the Town And Country Hotel, site of the Western National Meet in 2015. Rates are extremely reasonable, and it’s only a 15 minute drive to La Jolla.

We are always in need of stories, pictures and articles from our members. If you’ve had any interesting or humorous experiences with your “Connies”, or if you have any tech tips to share, send them to our editor, Tim Howley, t.howley@cox.net. We thank all who have contributed, now let’s hear from some of you new members and old members who haven’t been published!

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