LCOC Lincolns Join All-American Cruise-in at Petersen Automotive Museum July 4 Weekend Finale Event

Four LCOC members and two of their gorgeous Lincolns wowed spectators and owners alike at the Petersen Museum, Los Angeles, on Sunday as the long holiday weekend closed with a car buff’s bang. What better way to cap off USA birthday celebrations featuring cars shows, parades, barbecues and fireworks than with a day at the Petersen!

Here’s how some of us marked the holiday, but we’d love to know how you observed the milestone. Send us your photos and a brief description of your July 4 activities and we’ll post your submittals. Send to

The Petersen Cruise-in was billed as an 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. event. But savvy owners seeking to beat the traffic began arriving shortly after 7 a.m., ourselves included. Jim Ayres and Elayne Bendel came in Jim’s lovely 1988 Mark VII followed immediately in a perfectly coordinated arrival plan (not!) by Jim Davidson and Larry Otte in Jim’s elegant 1956 Premiere convertible.

Larry and Jim attach the Lincoln Premiere’s boot proving that not all beauty is painless.

In case you are wondering, SoCal car culture is alive and well at the Petersen. Neither heat, nor high gas prices, nor city traffic deterred local gearheads from attending. Everything from Cadillacs to Chryslers, Continentals to Corvairs, Cobras to Corvettes were there for the fun.

Not every vehicle was perfect but all combined for a great show of Detroit iron. From true classics including a 1932 Packard roadster, to a 1939 Buick gangster car, pre-war hot rods and sedans and beloved mid-century collectibles the cruise-in was a real Detroit iron celebration.

Some sample images of the eclectic cruisers are below.

Even a U.K. Jaguar racer (oh, my!) slipped into this All-American show!

Coffee and donuts were served and a Pinks hot dog was offered to car registrants.

Larry, Jim and JIm enjoy early refreshments.

Perhaps the best part of all this for LCOC members, family and friends is that if you missed it Sunday you will have another chance to visit the Petersen with our buddies from the Southern California Imperial Owners, Inc. on Saturday Aug. 3, when we do a joint event with them.

If you are a Petersen member, you can enter the museum at no charge and get a voucher for free garage parking.  Otherwise, a tiered fee system applies to admission and parking onsite will be $17.00. 

Click here for info about the visit and pricing information. If you haven’t been there in a while it is well worth your time for this wonderful automotive experience.

You’ll see classics and some one-of-a-kind vehicles, plus famed movie cars including a 1963 Lincoln used in 2 Matrix movies plus the Back to the Future DeLorean and Herbie the Love Bug, among others.

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