LCOC Members Join Rattys at Plush Finish Line Car Club

LCOC members and their friends rose before dawn Saturday to converge on the Finish Line Car Club, Costa Mesa, for an early a.m. Cars and Coffee event like no other.

Courtesy of our friends Kip Cyprus and John Clinard, LCOC and fellow Rattys Lincoln owners were invited into the coveted indoor display area at the plush facility where an upscale bar, pool table and comfy lounge areas were way more than a step above the usual car barn experience.

Lincoln wheels reflected owners’ taste from stock versions to not so much…

Outside, pre-1980 and super car owners of many makes gathered for Saturday C&C Orange County style. Finish Line holds such events once or twice a month. Anything and everything was there from a hot rod Packard to a Ford GT to a stately vintage Mercedes open car and a pair of British imports. Even a rare BMW 320 CSL, of which only about 200 were built, rumbled in.

Inside, a few of the owners opened their garages to reveal the pampered vehicles within. At Finish Line, garages run into several million dollars each and the cars they shelter are beautiful, rare and equally pricey. An example is a custom Rolls-Royce (upper left below) dubbed the Green Goddess ordered by Liz Taylor in 1960. Ron Anast, Jeff Frank and Jim Ayres enjoy a cup of java flanked by two Ferraris.

With just two hours to take it all in, we had to work fast with the camera but we hope you enjoy the flavor of this very unusual Cars and Coffee event.

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