LCOC Members Toured Two Great Desert Car Collections

After weeks of cold weather and rain, imagine our delight to wake up to clear skies and the promise of warmer temperatures for our two scheduled March 25 desert tours! About 40 LCOC members and friends we’re lucky enough to participate.

Motoring in from Orange County to Desert Hot Springs we did get a scare climbing over the foothills where low clouds begin to gather, and we started to think, well, here we go again. Fortunately, the scare did not turn into reality and we were able to spend a very pleasant Saturday under sunny skies touring Jack and Linda Rosen’s eclectic car collection and John Burge and Mike Steiner’s beautiful Lincolns and Cadillacs primarily as well as enjoy a wonderful catered lunch at their facility.

Jack and Linda’s multi-story unit featured thier two beautiful Lincolns, some hot rods, motorcycles, models and plenty of other eye candy. Of course, their sleek Lamborghini stood watch at the door welcoming all visitors.

Tire kicking of our own Lincolns was part of the fun. Ranging from the ’60s to more modern versions, they were a pleasure to see, now that winter is finally at an end.

Among the Rosen’s artifacts on view was a unique art deco combination bar and radio unit. Jack admitted it was his favorite piece in part because he got it at a great price. A framed autographed photo of John Travolta hung nearby while across the room another of Travolta’s late wife Kelly Preston was on display.

In another unassuming display stood Jack and Linda’s Lincoln meet senior awards and trophies. Any of us would be pleased with just one of these but they had several including the Elliston H. Bell award for best in show. Yikes!

Elayne Bendel, left, joins hosts Linda and Jack Rosen at their eclectic collection.

A model of the famed Batmobile was displayed along with a wall shelf with tiny models. A number of motorcycles decorated the upper reaches of the display area and one was even made entirely of wicker. Wall art and other automobilia completed the picture.

A short drive down the 10 Freeway brought us to John Burge and Mike Steiner’s collection. These are primarily “70s and ’80s and later-era land yachts, better known as Lincolns and Cadillacs with a few Chrysler products mixed in.

While admiring the vehicles both inside and outside of the warehouse was welcome fun for us, we can be sure there was a great deal of spirited car washing done here ahead of our visit.

Co-host John Burge greeted visitors to the Burge/Steiner collection.

John also explained that they are capable of doing much of their own work on these historic vehicles, Including both painting and replacing vinyl tops.

Fortunately for them, caterers were in charge of the luncheon which was served on china plates with real silverware on golden chargers and regal tablecloths. What a treat! A special add was use of LCOC’s meet senior award trophies as centerpieces in lieu of flowers. Nice touch guys!

The food included a sliced stuffed chicken roll, pasta and sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, field greens salad, new potatoes, and a gourmet salmon mold topped with sliced cucumbers. Dessert was a choice of several  different types of cakes Yum Yum.

This event was primarily an opportunity to socialize with friends and enjoy our collective love of historic car ownership and restoration. Our sincere thanks to Jack and Linda and Mike and John for sharing their collections and to Scott Balanda for arranging this very enjoyable day.

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