LCOC North Star Region Sponsors Virtual Car Show; Enter Your Lincoln Now!

Whether your Lincoln is brand new, a beloved classic, a concours winner or a work-in-progress driver we want to see your car! And now thanks to an initiative by the LCOC North Star Region your next show option is in progress and is just a few clicks away.

By clicking , you can travel to a COVID-safe virtual North Star Region LCOC Winter Lincoln Online Car Show from now until Dec 28, without leaving your home. 

To just vote for your favorite car click the link above, select option 2 and register. After completing registration, each registrant will receive a number through email. Then click the link again to return to the registration page. Log in using the form on the right entering your registration number and name. Once you are able to view the cars, click on the detailed description to vote for your favorite. You can vote for as many vehicles as you wish, but only one vote per car.

This virtual car show is open to all Lincoln enthusiasts anywhere.  But first, just as if going to a real car show you must decide what car to enter.

You have three options:

One, are you going to visit and just look? FREE. 

Two, are you going to register and be part of show by voting for your favorite car? FREE.   

Three, are you going to enter a Lincoln and show it for everyone to enjoy?  You can easily show more than one car with none of the usual worries about driving several cars to an event. Proudly enter multiple Lincolns at $10.00 each and input up to 8 pictures pet car with your interesting car descriptions. A portion of the proceeds go to support the Lincoln Motor Car Museum.

Don’t own a classic? No worries. Please enter your newer Lincoln as many persons are interested in possibly buying one; we can be the best advertisement for the brand.  Think Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln, and more Lincoln!

We would appreciate seeing your Lincoln, old or new, be it a show car, custom, daily driver or a restoration in process. Every Lincoln has a story to tell!

So, find pictures of your Lincolns or take new ones to upload, write a short description for each Lincoln you want to enter and get your credit card ready, this process only can be done online.  When uploading pictures please be patient, because of size they may time out and you will have to try again.  Click the “My Vehicles” link to upload photos of your entry after logging into the car show.

Please contact Bob Johnson at 651-257-1715 if you have any questions.

Remember to visit this show every day to see who has joined in the fun, let us have some fun with our Lincolns.

Bob Johnson


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