LCOC Western Region Annual Meeting Weekend was More than Just Work

Many of your Western Region Board of Managers did more than just accomplish club business during the recent annual meeting weekend.  Thanks to an alert from Board Member Ron Cressy, a number of us began by attending the semi-annual McCormick’s Classic Car Auction on Friday afternoon in downtown Palm Springs, where admission was free to spectators.

Several hundred vehicles were on view at the outdoor venue near the Convention Center and as car nuts we spent a few hours walking the field to view the offerings.  One of our national LCOC members even ended up buying a car. Alas, although it was a mid-1960s classic, it was not a Lincoln!  But several were going to the block, including a Mark VII once owned by Jerry Lee Lewis and autographed by Wayne Newton. Town cars, coupes and slabslides also were among the offerings.

Once our feet gave out after viewing the rows of cars, we took refuge in the auction tent, where the auctioneer’s speedy cadence was mesmerizing. It was easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of the bidding until fatigue and hunger took over.

Following the afternoon of tire kicking most of us adjourned to Billy Reed’s for dinner.  A local institution, this eatery is famous for its casual vintage atmosphere and comfort foods including meatloaf fixed two different ways, split pea soup, prime rib, chicken pot pie, salmon salad, pork shank sandwich—you get the idea.

Action shifted up Route 62 to Yucca Valley on Saturday morning where we toured the very eclectic car collection and period artifacts owned by Ray Gonzales and Ron Cressy. 

Following a catered Mexican lunch made even better by the addition of some Sebastiani wines brought by Stacy and Kerry Roscoe, we held the business meeting and then met for dinner at the nearby Little Italy restaurant.  As billed, the people were friendly but the portions were anything but little!  After singing Happy Birthday to our stoic host Ron Cressy, almost everyone left with a big smile and some of their dinner in a box, a fitting exclamation point to an enjoyable and productive weekend.


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