LCOC Western Region to Host 2021 Western National Meet and Modify Membership Policy

The Western Region Board of Managers voted to host an LCOC Western National Meet in the spring of 2021 and the LCOC National leadership has approved the bid. The event is planned for the Palm Springs area in conjunction with other local events to be held at the same time.

 We expect this show to meet or exceed the enjoyment and participation of the San Diego meet the Region hosted in 2015, which was one of the most memorable LCOC events of recent years.  We will announce details of the upcoming meet on this Website as they evolve.  So stay tuned!

The Western Region board also voted to offer one year of complimentary membership in the region to all members in California and Nevada previously enrolled only in the LCOC national organization. The move followed a lively discussion of the pros and cons at the Region’s annual meeting held Saturday Nov. 17. Effective in January 2019 LCOC National members in the two states who are not already enrolled will be notified of their inclusion in the Western Region and registered to receive automatic notifications of events and calendar items posted here on the region’s Website.

The addition of the CA and NV national LCOC members will swell the region’s membership rolls to nearly 300. The regional board anticipates that the influx of new people and their cars will increase the participation in regional and locally sponsored events and activities, adding to the enjoyment of club membership for the legacy and newer members. All CA and NV persons who join the National LCOC during 2019 also will be enrolled automatically and welcomed into the Western Region free of charge for the year.

Renewal notices for the existing Western Region members will be mailed in December as usual with regional dues payable on renewal for legacy members.

In 2018 we attended more than 20 LCOC and joint activities and events with other organizations. If you weren’t able to go read about what you missed and mark your calendars to be sure to participate in the coming year.

Members can look forward to an exciting slate of events and activities for 2019 sponsored by LCOC Western Region, National LCOC or as combined activities with other organizations and car clubs. Some already on the calendar include:

  • The annual (Lincolns welcome) Imperial Club Barbecue Jan 12 in Palm Springs;
  • The LCOC Western Region Annual Kickoff Brunch Feb 17 at the Lakewood Country Club, Lakewood.;
  • The West Coast Classic Auto Show March 16 and 17 at the Orange County Fair Grounds, Costa Mesa;
  • The Fabulous Fords Forever show at a new location—Angels Stadium—April 14;
  • The Huntington Beach Concours June 2;
  • The north and central California-oriented Wine Country Picnic and
  • Big 4 American Luxury Car Show and Barbecue in the fall;

 and many others to be added as they evolve.

Because the Western Region is so large and geographically diverse the board also is encouraging smaller collocated groups to hold “pop-up” low key activities close to home to socialize with other Lincoln enthusiasts and car buffs. You can find out who they are by viewing the map and roster on the Members Only part of this Website by logging in to your account. Check back after January to view the augmented membership info.

Localized events could include weekend “Cars and Coffee” meetups at local restaurants, parks or other locations. This Website can be used to publicize such events, whether they are LCOC’s exclusively or held in conjunction with other clubs. Members can submit items for publication by using the “Feedback” or “Contact Us” options on this Website. Let us know what’s happening in your areas and we will help you let the regional members know.

The LCOC National board will meet in Tucson, AZ in January. National also has an updated Website and intends to hire a marketing person to organize our outreach tools to better serve existing members and attract new ones into LCOC. Another exciting development is a streamlining and updating of the meet judging rules that will improve both mechanical and appearance judging. Visit to learn more.


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