LCOC Western Region Voluntary Fund Drive is Underway

LCOC’s 2023 has gotten off to a rousing start with wonderful LCOC events in Las Vegas, Lakewood, Irvine, and Irwindale CA, and the Palm Springs area, with much more to come during the year. By now, many of you have attended at least one of these great activities, networked with LCOC friends, or, at minimum, enjoyed this website.

Participation in LCOC grew sharply last year and in early 2023. During this time alone we added more than 60 new members to the LCOC Western Region! We are so glad to have you newcomers onboard and to see so many familiar faces among our returning members.  You are automatically enrolled in the region if your LCOC National Membership is current and you are a legacy member of the region or live in CA or NV.

Our nine unpaid volunteers serve on the Western Region Board of Managers with no paid staff, except for one part-time Web Administrator. We love working for you! But now we need your help.

Despite their generous time commitment to plan and execute enjoyable activities for everyone, our region does have expenses including our Website and the regional activities we sponsor throughout the year.

Last year our board voted to abolish our mandatory $35 annual regional dues payment for 2023. Instead, we’re going with voluntary annual donations. The board felt our members appreciate the camaraderie and the fun of sharing our love of Lincolns with other members and would be willing to make a small donation to help defray our club expenses.

Some of you have already done so, and we are truly grateful. Thank you so much. Your contributions have meant a lot. But we are only about one third of the way to our $1.200 goal.

So, during April we are asking that you consider making a small donation of $10, $20 or $30 on behalf of the LCOC Western Region, though the option and ability to donate will remain active throughout the year. It’s easy to do.

Just click here to donate online or if you prefer, send a check for $10, $20 or $30 made out to LCOC Western Region, write Annual Donation in the memo line and mail it to Treasurer, LCOC Western Region, 3914 Aden Way, Riverside CA 92504.  Yes. It’s just that simple.

Our club is fun and successful because of your participation and generosity, and we thank you so much for your support.

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