Lincoln and Cadillac Collectors Captured in New Video Taped at San Diego Automotive Museum

A brand new release posted on YouTube from the Cruisin’ series produced by Filmsmith Productions: showcases LCOC and Cadillac and LaSalle Club members and their cars at their recent outing at the San Diego Automotive Museum. Video host Dave Stall and car owners capture the essence of our collector car hobby and what it means to own automotive art and a piece of history!

You won’t want to miss your fellow club members in action and hear their own classic car stories! Terry Turner’s ’67 Lincoln convertible driveby kicks off the show and it just keeps rolling from there. Click here to view. Each tale is as unique as the owners and their vehicles. You are sure to learn something new even if you have known both the cars and their owners for years. And, after you have seen it, please share it with your friends. You can do it by forwarding the URL above or clicking one of the social media links at the bottom of this article.

Video host Dave Stall, left, interviews Nancy and Terry Cottrell.

About 20 classics kicked off the summer season and some 40 owners, friends and family enjoyed iconic Balboa Park and the newly reopened and refurbished San Diego Automotive Museum. Cars from LCOC and CLC went Cruisin’ to the museum to enjoy it’s great new venue and event space. Stall is joined by San Diego Automotive Museum Special Events Coordinator Frankie Patino, as the tour of classic and historic Lincolns and Cadillacs with their owners begins. Discover for yourself the history and passion that go into restoring and preserving these beautiful cars.

This video not only spotlights these wonderful clubs, but also the museum’s fun new opportunity to bring your car club there for events, meetings and more! Visit the museum’s website to learn more.

Learn more about our clubs by exploring our Lincoln and Continental Owners Club – Western Region website and Event Calendar at and The Cadillac LaSalle Club – San Diego Region at

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