Lincoln Homecoming Car Shows Benefit Lincoln Motor Car Museum; Enter Virtual Car Show Now!

The eighth annual Lincoln Homecoming August 12-15 2021 at Hickory Corners, MI, will feature two different car shows.  The first will be a virtual Lincoln car show, extending now through July 28. Enter now! It will have its own People’s Choice awards by decade, voted on by all persons registered for the virtual car show. The second car show will be a live event at the Homecoming on Aug 14 also with People’s Choice awards by decade.

You can participate in the virtual car show without having to attend the Homecoming, but if you do enter the virtual show the $25 fee per car also covers registration for the live show on Aug. 14. Any Lincoln owner may register one or more vehicles.

Entering the virtual car show is easy.  Just click here where you’ll find tutorials that will guide you through the process.

In preparation, you’ll need photographs of your car and a description of your car—up to 200 words.   You can visit the virtual car show now as a guest and see what other Lincoln owners have posted to give you some ideas. Participants may enter as many cars as they like for the virtual car show (and for the live show) for the $25 per car fee and the proceeds will benefit the Lincoln Motor Car Museum. Here’s your chance to showcase all those beautiful Lincolns you own and benefit the museum at the same time!

The 2021 Lincoln Homecoming weekend event will include an exciting array of activities—- a countryside tour, wine tasting and luncheon, dinners, symphony, an auction and a live car show. The 2021 Lincoln Homecoming is being hosted by the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum; Homecoming Co-Chairs are Dennis Garrett and Bob Johnson.  Click here for more information about the Homecoming.

Click here to register for the Homecoming.  Information will also be published in Lincoln club magazines and on club websites.  For more info contact Bob Johnson at or 651-257-1715.

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