Lincoln & Lattes Returns Saturday Feb. 3; Mark Your Calendars!

We are pleased to announce that the landmark meet, Lincoln & Lattes, is returning on Feb. 3 for 2024 and you are invited to visit this spectacular event. LCOC and Lincoln owners and groups throughout SoCal are joining forces with Ford Motor Company to present an amazing show focused on pre-1978 classics, but newer models also will be displayed! 

We invite you to enjoy this free event at the Lincoln Design Campus, 3 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, on Feb. 3 from 8 to 11 a.m. You won’t want to miss it!  This is an invitation only show not open to the general public. Please do not post advance info about this event on social media. 

A salon area will feature new Lincolns, celebrity-owned Lincolns, super cars and other surprises. A special timeline of nearly 2 dozen gorgeous Lincolns through the decades will be the show’s centerpiece along with a row of amazing customized Lincolns sporting designs limited only by their owners’ imaginations.

Some of the best 1950s Thunderbirds in our area will be displayed along with unique pre-war hot rods and roadsters and one-of-kind collectibles through the decades.

A 300-car field is sure to offer special vehicles not seen together at any other show. We hope our LCOC members, family and friends will visit as part of the fun. See you there!

See below for a sampling of photos from last year’s Lincoln & Lattes.


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