Lincolns, Imperials, Cadillacs, a Rolls Royce and Other High-end Classics Sparkled at Palm Springs Mega Event

The Southern California Imperial Owners Club graciously invited us, the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club Western Region, to their mega event this past Saturday. What an amazing gathering of spectacular cars and wonderful people! The event was indeed ‘mega’, with an astonishing assortment of beautiful Lincolns, Imperials, Cadillacs, a Rolls Royce and many other high-end classics. Guest correspondent Scott Balanda was on hand to bring you this post and some of the photos along with our own Jim Ayres. Our thanks to both for their journalistic efforts.

Starting the day, we arrived to the venue on a beautiful sunny but crisp Palm Springs morning, under blue skies and with the gorgeous mountains that surround the valley as a scenic backdrop. Stu Suede greeted the attendees with other hard-working volunteers at a table set up at the entrance.

Upon entering, we were all greeted by a massive assortment of amazing cars that were lined up and continued around the perimeter of the warehouses, which are mainly utilized for classic car storage. There were so many cars that many were also parked at a large parking lot on the front side of the buildings. Even our furry friends were impressed!

As if all those wonderful luxury classics were not enough, many of the tenants in the warehouses had their doors open so the attendees could peruse the many wonderful cars in each of the warehouses. These weren’t your typical warehouses; in fact they were quite extravagant, some with chandeliers and luxury pile carpet, in addition to many of the walls adorned with car related wall art and memorabilia.

Then, a wonderful barbeque lunch was served, with burgers fresh off the grill and many great accompaniments presented in a large spread. After lunch, each of the invited clubs had their respective representatives give speeches: Stu Suede for the Imperial Club, Craig Chally for Cadillac, Robert Reid for Great Autos and Jim Ayres for Lincoln. The day finished with many great conversations, and some more strolling around the venue to see any cars that may have been missed. We give our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Bryan Burns, Stu Suede and all other volunteers who made this day a huge success!

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