Lincolns Shine at Casual Concours in Preview of 2022 LCOC Western National Meet at the Desert Princess Resort

A festive weekend Oct 15-17 celebrating the collector car hobby lit up California desert venues with gorgeous vehicles ranging from a 1909 EMF to a late model Lincoln Navigator and many decades of classic vehicles in between.

The beautiful Desert Princess Resort, site of the Casual Concours, will host the 2022 LCOC Western National Meet.

In a preview of next May’s 4-8 LCOC Western National Meet to be held at this venue, Lincolns and their owners were front and center to join in the fun.

The weekend was sponsored by the Great Autos car club and began with a Friday evening reception and tire kicking adventure at Palm Springs Porsche and culminated with nearly 200 cars displayed nearby at the beautiful Desert Princess Country Club, where the 2022 LCOC meet will be held.

Later in the evening after the Saturday car show more than 60 awards were presented at a gala banquet to cars voted best by the Casual Concours registrants. The weekend ended with a farewell brunch Sunday at the Palm Springs Museum of Art, a fitting location for owners who view their collector cars as artworks on wheels.

A 1959 Buick wagon was voted best-in-show.

A rare 1933 Hupmobile was displayed along with a Kaiser Darrin and familiar favorites ranging from Thunderbirds to AMC classics, Rolls-Royces, other popular U,S. makes, imports and even the fully mirrored “Disco Pinto”. See below.

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