April 5 Director’s Message

The year was officially “kicked off” with our visit to the Mullin Museum February 10. If you weren’t able to attend the event you missed something very special, but you can read about it in another story written by Elayne Bendel. Elayne has been invaluable to the club, and to me, always willing to help out whether it be writing articles about the events we attend, snapping pictures for publication in the Confab, reaching out to prospective members, or just helping in general as she did last weekend, manning our booth at the Classic Auto Show. Elayne received the Director’s Award this year for her outstanding contribution to the club. Many thanks Elayne. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! The Classic Auto Show March 2-4 was a big success, as was our display of eight beautiful Lincolns. It wasn’t easy getting our cars to the Convention Center and leaving them there for three days, but it was well worth the effort and very rewarding. Every one of the cars was a standout on its own; from Jack Jones’ 1941 Zephyr Club Coupe to Ron Anast’s 1977 Town Coupe. Many thanks to Jack and Ron, as well as Don Torrence, Will Ramirez, Jeffrey Frank, Jason Moreno and Ron Olsen for not only bringing their beautiful Lincolns, but also for helping with the booth and being great spokespeople for the club. It’s going to be a very busy year and the next events are fast approaching. There are two great shows in April; the La Jolla Concours and Motor Classic and Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott’s Berry Farm. This year Lincoln Motor Company and Witt Lincoln are major sponsors of the La Jolla Concours and Motor Classic and they have asked for our participation in the show. The Concours is on the grass at Ellen Browning Scripps Park on the bluffs above the ocean. It’s a beautiful setting, second only to Pebble Beach. The Motor Classic runs concurrently with the Concours and is on the street next to the park. With entry in either of the shows you’ll be able to attend the Saturday night reception featuring tastes from 20 of San Diego’s finest restaurants in addition to a hosted bar, and Sunday you’ll have access to the VIP tent where there will be another hosted bar along with great food. You can register or buy tickets at https://www.lajollaconcours.com Fabulous Fords Forever is the largest all Ford car show in the West and is in it’s32nd year. This year the show celebrates 115 years of the Ford Motor Company, 115years of the Model T, 90 Years of the Model A, 70 years of the F-Series Truck, 60years of the Edsel, and 50 years of the Cobra Jet! Visit http://fabulousfordsforev-er.org/ for more information and registration. May 5th and 6th we’ll have a driving tour to Mt. Pinos. This is something we haven’t done in quite some time, so I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun for those who choose to attend. Space is limited, and will probably fill up fast so make your plans to join us as soon as possible. More info on the tour can be found elsewhere in the Confab. There are a lot more events throughout the year so be sure to check the calendar of events. They’ll be covered in more detail in future Confabs. If you don’t see an event near you, drop me a line and let me know of something in your area that you’d like the club to get involved with. I’m always happy to promote an event that might interest our members.

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