“Ratfest” Lures Slabside Lincoln Owners from Near and Far to Newport Beach

Good fun and a warm fall day with brilliant sunshine were the lures for slabside owners to converge on Chihuahua Cerveza, Newport Beach, for a day of tire kicking and Mexican brunch shared with old friends and newly met Lincoln aficionados.

Visitors from as near as Lido Isle and as far away as Florida and Arizona were there. Vehicles ranging from stock to custom, show quality to project cars were on display as the local Rattys Car Club (so-called tongue-in-cheek because some of their vehicles are less than perfect) sponsored their annual gathering of slabside Lincolns at their Ratfest.

Lincolns from the ’60s began arriving about 8:30 a.m. and rolled in and out all morning and into the afternoon. Hoods were opened and closed, pictures taken, car success and horror stories shared and a good time was had by all. click photos for a a closer look.

As the owner of an extremely rare Buckskin-painted vehicle I was thrilled and amazed to see what looked like my Lincoln twin enter the far end of the show area. I had to rub my eyes to make sure, but as I got closer I saw it was indeed a Buckskin ’64 convertible. It is the first time in 30 years I have ever seen one like mine. What fun! The owners, Jim and Colette Flack of Arizona, shared that they had seen and been inspired by photos of my car on the Web and were just as excited to meet me as I was to see them.

No, you are not seeing double. Elayne’s rare Buckskin Lincoln has an Arizona twin!

Owners who had “been there” were quick to share tips to help those with project cars who were closer to the beginning of their restoration journey. The event was the quintessential definition of the collector car hobby and the camaraderie it generates, as we all battle to keep our vintage Lincolns on the go.

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