San Diego Cadillac – Lincoln Mixer Continues Show Car Season

Our friends from the San Diego Cadillac & LaSalle Club held their first social of the season May 14 and invited LCOC members along for a cars and coffee event at the North County (San Diego) Credit Union. On a perfect Saturday morning we gathered to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Just one week after the excitement and intense activity of LCOC’s 2022 Western National Meet, the San Diego event was a chance to chat with fellow collector car enthusiasts in a quieter relaxed atmosphere.

After two years of non-shows due to the Covid pandemic the C&LC members were eager to get their classics on the road and reunite with friends. What a nice event! They erected two tent structures with chairs and provided, coffee, water and donuts to attendees. We sincerely thank host Mark McHose for LCOC’s invitation.

The Cadillacs ran the gamut from Allantes to Eldorados, while three ’60s Lincoln convertibles made it to the event. We were pleased to see both Syd Williams and his 1963 Lincoln convertible and Tony Mondini and his 1966 Lincoln in addition to Elayne’s ’64 convertible.

A special highlight was a tape measure contest to determine the longest vehicle and to no one’s surprise Tom Bell’s ’59 Cadillac coupe was the winner at 229 inches, barely beating out Tony’s Lincoln and 2 Cadillacs at 224 inches! Tom was all smiles on being awarded a certificate to commemorate his victory.

Nearby Phil’s BBQ proved to be a great place for lunch following the meet-up. Who could resist a delicious tri-tip sandwich? We look forward to more joint events in the area as local members of both clubs plan future mixers.

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