Showers Don’t Dampen Crowd at March 3 Temecula Rod Run

The show is on rain or shine is usually just a cliché in Southern California, where the weather is generally not a factor, but on March 3, 2018 foreboding dark clouds and early a.m. showers could have put a damper on the annual event. Instead, classic car and hot rod owners from all over the west braved the elements to attend the big show. About 700 cars were registered and, although some stayed home, Old Town Temecula did play host to vehicles ranging from sexy custom hot rods to classic American collectibles from 1975 and earlier.

A downpour about 10 a.m. sent the crowd scurrying into stores and restaurants for cover, but afterwards Mother Nature finally smiled and eventually the sun came out and the weather remained dry for the rest of the show.

LCOC’s Elayne Bendel joined her friends from the Suicide Kings in their reserved area. The Kings are owners of 1961-1969 Lincolns. Four-door models with center opening “suicide” doors are a must. Some are stock, but many are customized with larger wheels, modified trim and imaginative paint and interior treatments.

The ‘60s Lincolns are gaining interest among younger owners with no memory of these cars when they were new. Instead, inspired by movies and television shows that have featured them, they have gained a near-cult following among the Suicide Kings and others. Their interest and enthusiasm have probably saved a good many of these Lincolns from the crusher as well as driving the value of the cars up.

Numerous prizes were awarded in various classes by officials of the Rod Run. Elayne is fortunate to have received the award of excellence for the Outstanding Personal Luxury Car 1900-1975, for her ’64 Continental convertible, duplicating the feat of Jim Ayres who won the same prize last year for his Regal Turquoise 1964 Lincoln convertible. The Suicide Kings held their own meet within a meet and voted Elayne’s car the best original/stock vehicle among their group.

Great food and live and recorded era-appropriate rock ‘n roll music added to the festive atmosphere and left everyone looking forward to next year’s Rod Run, hopefully minus the rain.

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