LCOC Members Attend Star Concept Car Premier; the Future of Lincoln is Now

If there is a new Lincoln in in your future chances are at least some of its features were revealed at a gala Hollywood event April 20. Lincoln Motor Company’s CEO Joy Falotico introduced the company’s new Star Concept Car to a VIP audience of dealers, automotive media and invited guests, including LCOC members.

Demonstrating that the first 100 years of Lincoln history were just prologue, Falotico and other senior executives along with icon Matthew McConaughey briefly reviewed Lincoln’s design philosophy, goals and achievements over the years before unveiling the new Star Concept vehicle as a worthy successor. It is a sleek, elegant iteration of an EV crossover luxury car— not SUV and not sedan, but scratch built from the ground up to meet passenger needs of the future.

Lincoln CEO Joy Falotico and Matthew McConaughey discuss the EVs in Lincoln’s futrure.

Falotico said Lincoln would introduce three new electric-powered models by mid-decade proving that the company his big plans for its luxury brand. Continuing its design objectives for personal sanctuary, the Star Concept introduces a spacious interior cabin with egress made more comfortable through Lincoln’s iconic center-opening doors. Liberal use of interior light design gives the concept a true 21st century feel. Illuminated Lincoln star logos in the front and sides define the concept giving it its name. The Star has a panoramic roof and extensive connectivity capability so passengers and drivers are never out of touch with the exterior world.

The sloping roof line of today’s Lincoln lineup carries forward into the Star Concept, but the new vehicle takes advantage of the available space in the forward compartment afforded by the more compact electric power plant to add luggage space. A light-defined hood boasts a clear view of the inside or can be darkened at the owner’s discretion to conceal the contents.

A computer case tucks neatly into the rear door in the same way a pocket door retracts into the wall in a home. Seating flexibility allows forward and rear seats to be configured to face each other and the rear seat may be turned to face outward toward the back.

No performance information was released at the debut but with production EVs coming soon there is sure to be such data forthcoming.

Debut event photos below feature John Burge and Mike Steiner; Tony Mondini and Mike Steiner; Bazil LaRoche and Russell Harmon; from left JIm Powers, Jim Davidson, Tony Mondini, Joe Swanson and Jim Ayres; Lincoln ladies Elayne Bendel and Joy Falotico; ’40s era Presidential Lincoln limo; ’57 Mark II formerly owned by producer Mike Todd.

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