Weather Gods Smile on LCOC’s Perfect Sonoma Picnic

LCOC members from near and far gathered in Sonoma Sept.19 for a fantastic day of car activities and socializing. Members Jim Ayres and Nathan Koski proved the old saying, “getting there is half the fun,” by meeting up in Ventura enroute to the picnic and convoying their Mark VIIs the rest of the way along the coast together.

Picnic day started about 10 a.m. when Lincolns new and old converged at John Petricka’s home for tire kicking and socializing. Along with co-host Maggie Ferrari, John welcomed nearly 35 guests and 17 classic vehicles. One of the stars of the show was a stunning 1941 Zephyr V12 belonging to Jim Sinnes.

Casual elegance was the theme throughout the event—with John and Maggie’s comfortable home and grounds providing the backdrop for display of the gorgeous cars, one of which was their own Mark II. See below.

John, Maggie and pets were cordial hosts at the Wine Country Picnic.

LCOC’s own Jim Finley organized a brief but scenic driving tour where the guests caravanned along a route that took them through historic Sonoma and idyllic wine country vistas. Carolyn Alioto’s ’57 salmon-colored Premiere convertible was easy to spot! Imagine the surprise of the locals when they saw so many historic Lincolns passing by!

Kerry Roscoe organized a blind tasting of seven different wines prior to lunch being served, putting most of the attendees in a very good mood even before they had eaten a single bite. The gracious setting on a spacious patio was ideal for responsible social distancing and relaxed dining in a perfect setting.

Coming home was fairly uneventful as we ate a leisurely breakfast at the Good Day Cafe, a local Vallejo landmark. Although we saw a lot of burned fields and orchards there were no active fires along the way. Thank goodness! Now we seriously look forward to next year’s picnic and hope COVID restrictions end soon.

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