West Side Story Plays Out at Gilmore Heritage Auto Show

No, not that west side story! What we mean is the amazing Gilmore Heritage Car Show at one of Los Angeles’s most famous and historic West Side locations—the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax.

Generations of Angelenos have flocked to the market for all kinds of foods, restaurants and other businesses. Car collectors are not immune. For 28 years they have been attending the Gilmore Show with their American classics. This year was no exception.

Our friend and fellow car buff David Freedman organized the show with pre-selected vehicles ranging from an ancient Ford Model T to elegant Cord and Packard roadsters, luxury Lincolns and Cadillacs, adored Chevy, Buick, Chrysler collectibles and even a 1965 Cobra, among many others. These special vehicles rumbled in to delight spectators of all ages from early Saturday morning to quitting time at 4 p.m. and the visitors weren’t the only ones to share in the fun. Our thanks to him for inviting us to this event.

Each exhibitor received a chit for coffee and donut, a $20 credit for lunch at one of the numerous restaurants onsite and a special T-shirt featuring this year’s Gilmore Heritage Show logo. What a deal!

Car buddies JIm Ayres, Betsy Davenport and friend, Stu Suede and Elayne Bendel await lunch at the Farmer’s Market.

David’s own rare green 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V was among the stars of the show. And speaking of stars, this close to Hollywood why not include the famed 1965 Lincoln from the popular TV show Entourage!

Across the street at the original homestead that first occupied the property even more unique Gilmore vehicles and classics were on view.

Just about everything from the event was lots of fun except the long drive home in heavy traffic. Oh, well.

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