Art Deco Eye Candy Shines at Mullin Museum

If you are a fan of gorgeous cars and art deco—and who isn’t?—a visit to the Mullin Museum is absolutely the best in eye candy! Founder Peter Mullin is the ultimate collector of French-designed autos incorporating the sleek and aero-inspired look of the 1930s as well as other unique collectibles such as these marvelous Lalique hood ornaments.

While it sits in an unassuming industrial area of Oxnard, CA, the treasures within make the drive to visit well worth it from almost any part of the state and beyond. Prior to last week, the last time most of us from LCOC were there was for the 2018 LCOC Kickoff Brunch that featured Citroen vehicles of all eras. Click here for a retrospective of that visit.

JIm Powers, Jim Higgs, Carol Higgs and JIm Ayres enjoy the Mullin Museum.

After that, a return in 2020 was an exciting prospect. While some Citroens still remain, this time Delahays, Bugattis and Hispano-Suizas took center stage, along with an invitational car show just outside. The beautiful 1937 Delahaye below was on a rotating stage in the center of the museum’s main floor, befitting its elegance.

1937 Delahaye Type 135 M Cabriolet

But other cars were no less amazing. This spectacular red Delahaye roadster sports the aero look so popular in 1930s design.

A 1939 Bugatti chassis with a storied history was fitted with a custom body after the Mullin acquired it in 2003 nearly 70 years after it was first built. The resulting car is beautiful, but the gorgeous fabrication tool made of solid mahogany and looking like something out of a Spiderman movie, is a museum piece in its own right. See below.

A Bugatti that was salvaged after 70 plus years at the bottom of a Swiss lake, a Bugatti collection and some early racing cars were other highlights, along with some large, expertly crafted models. Yet there is so much more to see….

All in all, with a fun car show and an enjoyable museum visit it was a great day for car lovers at a wonderful place.

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