LCOC Joins Ford Vs. Ferrari Faceoff at Mullin Museum Car Show

The Mullin Museum held its own version of Ford vs. Ferrari as several examples of both iconic brands were displayed at a recent invitational classic car show at the museum’s Oxnard, CA site. Six LCOC members were on hand for the fun, Western Region Director Jim Ayres, Jim and Carol Higgs, Jim Powers, Brian Bernson and Elayne Bendel. The interior museum displays of spectacular mostly French designs beloved by founder Peter Mullin rate a separate article.

Along with the Ferraris and many beloved American collectibles the car show attracted some unusual vehicles including an extremely rare 1953 IFA F9 3-cylinder limo sedan from the German Democratic Republic (the former East Germany) and a brass-era Ford bakery delivery truck. The IFA is notable for many reasons, not the least of which is its power plant design where the radiator is located behind the engine!

A Studebaker Sport from the early 1950s, a ’56 Porsche, a lovely 1947 Chrysler convertible were among the cars on view. A Buick GSX with its hood-mounted tachometer added to the show.

LCOC member Brian Bernson and his 1965 Continental Convertible along with a lovely first generation 1941 Lincoln Continental were there.

An impressive display of woody vehicles and some classic Corvettes including 1954 and 1961 models, a Jaguar XKE and a pickup truck with its own Cushman scooter mounted in the cargo bed were other show highlights. This was the first 2020 invitational show at the Mullin and we look forward to more throughout the year. Visiting there is always a a very special treat!

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