Family and Friends Pay Tribute to LCOC Member Kent Vandenberg at Celebration of Life Event

Life partner Frank Wenzel, close family and friends paid tribute to our late LCOC member Kent Vandenberg at a warm celebration of life event March 23 held at the Prescott Collection garage, Palm Springs. Surrounded by people and things he loved, Kent’s life well lived was praised by his closest friends and family. He passed away at age 68 earlier this year.

Frank Wenzel. left, and Kent Vandenberg above. Kent and plane inside the hangar, above.

Dozens of attendees were on hand for the upbeat event. The tone was set early as guests were immediately greeted by Frank and offered a cold lemonade or ice tea upon entry. One of Kent’s favorites, a beautiful 1929 Lincoln touring car festooned with photos of Kent, was the centerpiece of the room. Admirers gathered around the car during the social hour before the start of the program. A Constellation aircraft model and TV fire also were part of the backdrop.

Frank began the proceedings by thanking his hosts Jeff Stork and Brad Prescott and welcoming everyone. He lovingly summarized the life he had shared with Kent and touched on his kindness, sense of humor and his many interests—aerospace engineering, cooking, flying, collecting classic cars, and ham radio operation.

Frank Wenzel greeted guests and recalled Kent Vandenberg’s life and interests.

Each succeeding speaker amplified one of those topics in their personal way.

Then guests enjoyed a buffet lunch of salad, spaghetti and bread in tribute to Kent’s culinary prowess with both spaghetti and lasagna. A carrot cake dessert completed the meal.

LCOC members fondly recall the 2022 Western National Meet, where Kent and Frank hosted the first event, a reception at their amazing Palm Springs home, though they were most noted for their Studebaker collection. (see photos below) We sincerely thank both Frank and Kent for their friendship and participation over the years and send condolences and kind wishes to Frank and all their family and friends for their loss.

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