Jay Leno’s Garage Features John Cashman and the 1966 Continental Convertible

If you have ever wanted to spend time with Jay Leno and talk automobiles or get some one-on-one time with Lincoln guru John Cashman you can kill two birds with one stone viewing a new episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where both John and a 1966 Continental are featured.

Jay and John spend about 50 minutes discussing Jay’s purchase of an original and unrestored convertible that Jay acquired from one of his Beverly Hills neighbors who bought the car new.  Her sister had once been Marilyn Monroe’s roommate and if this car could talk, no doubt it would have a fascinating life story to tell.

Both John and Jay agree the triple white Lincoln is in remarkably good shape with only about 64,000 original miles. It has remained stock over the years and even boasts the original white leather upholstery which is still in an almost new condition. Nevertheless John went through the electronics and found some repairs were needed.  Jay demonstrates the car’s most noteworthy features, cycling the top down and up and showing the workings of the auto drop rear window.

Viewers get an overview of the interior and the engine and follow both men as they take the Continental for a drive.  John shares some of his wisdom concerning the workings of the ‘60s convertibles and calls the design “Detroit’s finest hour.”

The show does an excellent job putting the viewers inside this classic and probably makes more than a few wish they owned one.  You can catch the whole program on YouTube

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