Winter 2019 Director’s Message

Elayne Bendel has been doing a fantastic job writing and publishing most of the articles and pictures for this website. As I sit here trying to compose my Director’s Message, I realize that Elayne has already written practically everything I wanted to say in my message about the coming year. Please see her article

One thing that I’m concerned about is declining membership, not only in the Western Region, but within National. Many car clubs are grappling with the same issue as members are getting older and it becomes more difficult for them to participate. Many are unwilling to drive their cars for any distance on the overcrowded California freeways, and gasoline isn’t getting any cheaper. I’d like to hear your ideas on how we can reverse this trend. What can we do to make the club more appealing to the younger generations? How do we motivate people to get involved? Use the Contact Us link to express your ideas. 

I think the club has made a good start in reversing the trend, and hopefully this year will mark the beginning of the club’s  revitalization.

The Western Region board voted to offer one year of complimentary membership in the region to all members in California and Nevada previously enrolled only in the LCOC national organization. LCOC National members in the two states who are not already enrolled have been notified of their inclusion in the Western Region. If you are one of those members, and haven’t yet responded with your current e-mail address, please do so soon to so that you can receive automatic notifications of events and calendar items posted here on the region’s Website.

The addition of the CA and NV national LCOC members will swell the region’s membership rolls to nearly 300. The regional board anticipates that the influx of new people and their cars will increase the participation in regional and locally sponsored events and activities, adding to the enjoyment of club membership for the legacy and newer members. All CA and NV persons who join the National LCOC during 2019 also will be enrolled automatically and welcomed into the Western Region free of charge for the year.

There will be a lot of fun and exciting events this year, so be sure to check the calendar section often and start making your plans now. More calendar items will be added soon. Also, don’t forget to check our Facebook sites and the LCOC national website.


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