Eight Decades of Lincolns Starred at LCOC Western National Meet Car Show

Great cars and scorching Colorado weather added sizzle to the centerpiece car show of the LCOC’s 2019 Western National Meet in Grand Junction. But triple digit temperatures failed to wilt the enthusiasm of  LCOC members on hand to show off their beauties. Eight decades of Lincolns and Continentals made it to this year’s meet, with cars from the 1970s and newer predominating—perhaps because they were equipped with A/C?  No matter, all that were on the show field were spruced up and looking their best!  

The oldest vehicle was a newly acquired 1940 Continental cabriolet owned  by John Walcek, who hauled it to the show from its former home in the Midwest. However, it never looked as good as it did at this show when a local historical society member named Lacy posed with John in front of the vehicle.  Another outstanding entry from the decade was a 1941 Zephyr Club Coupe owned by John Walker of Greenville, Tx. This car was lovingly maintained and won a Lincoln Trophy for Classes 205, 206, 207 as well as a People’s Choice award.  

Jake Dout’s 1956 Mark II and Dave Rose’s 1959 Capri sedan were the only representatives from the 1950s, But both were amply rewarded.  The Mark II won a Lincoln Trophy for Class 215 and the Capri received one for Class 216. The 1960s were represented by three slabside Continentals, a green 1962 Continental sedan owned by Lynn Thompson; a blue 1965 Continental convertible owned by Peter Daniluk; and a black 1965 Continental convertible owned by Phillip Stowe. The ’62 sedan won a trophy as the best unrestored original vehicle, while Stowe’s convertible won a Lincoln Trophy for Classes 217, 219, 221.

The rest of the show vehicles were all 1973 or newer. Marks and Town Cars were amply represented but some rarely seen vehicles were displayed also including a 2002 Blackwood truck, 2006 custom limo, 2006 LS Sport, 2013 MKS and a 2015 MKZ.  All in all, the meet was definite eye candy for Lincoln enthusiasts of all eras from 1940 to 2015. 

Exhibited cars and their owners included:  1940 Continental cabriolet- rust, John Walcek; 1941 Lincoln club coupe-maroon, John Walker; 1956 Mark II-blue, Jake Dout; 1959 Capri sedan- gray, Dave Rose; 1962 Continental sedan- green, Lynn Thompson; 1965 Continental convertible-blue, Peter Daniluk; 1965 Continental convertible- black,  Phillip Stowe; 1973 Mark IV-gold, Scott Crosby;1976 MK IV- brown/tan, Bill Fletcher; 1977 Mark V- white, George Malesich; 1978 Mark V Pucci- silver, Ryan McGuire; 1978 Mark V- blue, Michael Sedio; 1978 Town Coupe-red/white, Ryan McGuire; 1978 Continental La Grande Royale limo-brown, Tony Carson; 1981 Mark VI coupe-tan, Jeff Brecht; 1987 Town Car Stars and Stripes- white/blue, Walahn Kilgore; 1987 Town Car-maroon, Jerry Seibert; 1987 Mark VII- tan, John Libby; 1988 Mark VII LSC-blue, Bruce Hutchinson; 1992 Town Car Jack Nicklaus Signature Series- Green/white, Robert Parker; 1993 Mark VIII-white, Jeff Stevens; 1999 Town Car Cartier-sand, Paul Andahl; 2001 Town Car Executive Series- silver, Janice Eby; 2001 Town Car Executive Series- white/blue, Michael Vickery; 2002 Blackwood-black, John Boccardo; 2003 Town Car Cartier- Maroon, Craig Moir;  2006 LS Sport- black, Jim Chantler; 2006 Town Car Krystal Koach limo- blue/silver, Eli Darland; 2013 MKS- white, Steven McCormick; 2015 MKZ, Jim Ayres.

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